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In a small pub of the outskirts on the 16th of April 1905, Federation of Chemical Workers of Hungary has been founded. The new trade union prepared its statutes, however the minister of internal affairs approved it after a year, when it was already reworked several times. Therefore, official date of foundation is the 22nd of April 1906. This event happened in the period of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, therefore the journal of the trade union was printed in two languages,

Hungarian and German, membership cards have been issued even in more languages.

This small group developed to a significant trade union survived two world wars, extreme political regimes and economical crisis. The Congress of 1989 was a milestone in the history of this trade union and the new Federation turned to the way where it goes also today.

VDSZ now is a modern, free, independent democratic trade union that possesses with expanded international relations.

VDSZ which has a support of 90 per cent by the employees, approximately, well represents employees’ interests, concludes good collective agreements, struggles successfully for improved working conditions.

VDSZ holds its ground in the preparation of decisions relating to privatization, in the forming of correct industrial relations with the new employers.

Important parts of VDSZ’s daily activity are protection of environment, working safety, prevention of occupational health.

VDSZ has significant results in the field of reduction of working hours. Local representatives, other elected trade union officers receive good knowledge on the modern methods of trade union work through a well-developed training system and a well-established information system.

VDSZ preserved its unity, reputation and recognition. This is the reason of its future. These are required but not sufficient conditions for the successful activity in the next decades. It is necessary to study continuously the domestic and international situation, modernization of trade union activity, to search and apply the possibility that VDSZ as an equal partner under the changing conditions will be able to reach more and more in employees’ interests.

In addition to the keeping of present influence of the Federation in the world of work, it is necessary to strengthen the level of organization among women, young workers and handicapped workers, also at other groups in disadvantage.

Let’s be more to gain more


President: Tamás Székely

Vicepresident:  Béla Kiss